Is there anything out there that is not on the net?

I have learned through this journey that the internet is not just a great place for information, but it is a great place to shop and source your food.  With  today’s technology, you can pretty much ship anything.  I have been able to expand my market place to the entire country.  So far, I have been able to source wheat, herbs and spices and many of my kitchen gadgets for a fraction of the price of what I would have normally spend if I went to a retail store.

For grain, I use an emergency preparedness site to buy my grain.  It is still 20 cents cheaper per pound than a wholefoods.  I buy my 6 month supply and I pretty much guaranteed low or free shipping.  The same is true for spices and herbs which can be quite pricey at the spice isle in the grocery store.  I know! why would you need that much?  well, if you go for the organic high-end herbs, those little bottles add up.  If you buy several herbs in a quarter pound weights, then your cost is pennies on the dollar and you can essentially create any spice or herb blend you need.  I keep all my spices and herbs in the freezer. I also buy my spices whole and grind what I need.  This will allow you to use less more potent spices and they will last for a year or more while keeping their  freshness.

So don’t be afraid of the internet.  It is a great resource for finding great deals and for products that may not be available in your regular stores.  It makes living unprocessed a little bit easier.

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