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Step 1 – Detox???

Since I am not familiar with what a 12 step program for addiction is really about, I thought  what could it be?  I thought probably one must detox first to give the system a big reboot and a big push towards full rehabilitation.  So… Continue Reading “Step 1 – Detox???”

12 Step Program

So we have these grand plans of getting out and taking our lives back and creating our own American dream, but how?  so first we declutter. Easy enough.  Really!  As we start this daunting task, we are overwhelmed.  What have we done!? Could a… Continue Reading “12 Step Program”

I want OUT!

So it has been ages since I have been present in any way. The last two years were emotionally and mentally exhausting. It is really weird, but I regressed on the living clean front, but made a great deal of progress on the fitness… Continue Reading “I want OUT!”

Even Flour is highly processed!

Now that I have gotten into the groove of making my own butter, broth, tomatoes sauce and have successfully sourced my poultry, dairy, eggs, beef, fruits and veggies, so what is next?  I mean come on, that’s quite an impressive feat!  After all, I… Continue Reading “Even Flour is highly processed!”

Fresh Cow/Goat/Sheep Milk EVIL! Ultra-pasteurized and Homogenized shelf stable milk GOOD! REALLY?!?!?!

Did you know how many products you can make from milk? Well, there are approximately 11 products you can make from milk. You can make: Butter Buttermilk Cheese (and when you make cheese you get whey as a byproduct) Yogurt Whipped cream Heavy cream Sour… Continue Reading “Fresh Cow/Goat/Sheep Milk EVIL! Ultra-pasteurized and Homogenized shelf stable milk GOOD! REALLY?!?!?!”

They put what in animal feed?!?!?!

Like many working moms, I was constantly bombarded by the commercials that state that I am way too busy to make anything myself.  And to be honest, I bought into that and I was spending hundreds of dollars a month and thousands a year… Continue Reading “They put what in animal feed?!?!?!”

So what does the government really regulate?

Can you really trust the USDA?  I thought for the longest time if food is being sold in American stores and have the USDA stamp it has to be good for me.  As I delved deeper into this, I realized that special interest and… Continue Reading “So what does the government really regulate?”

Oh! The Trials and Tribulations of living unprocessed.

The roller coaster of living unprocessed!!!! I have written about not going into this guns blazing and there is a reason, you can get worn down.  I mean for a middle class family and a working mom, life happens and you slip. Fortunately, it… Continue Reading “Oh! The Trials and Tribulations of living unprocessed.”

Is there anything out there that is not on the net?

I have learned through this journey that the internet is not just a great place for information, but it is a great place to shop and source your food.  With  today’s technology, you can pretty much ship anything.  I have been able to expand… Continue Reading “Is there anything out there that is not on the net?”

Do you really save money?

As I look back on the past two years and think about the changes that we made and has it really saved us that much money? As I look at the food we eat and the money we spend on food, I see a… Continue Reading “Do you really save money?”