12 Step Program

So we have these grand plans of getting out and taking our lives back and creating our own American dream, but how?  so first we declutter. Easy enough.  Really!  As we start this daunting task, we are overwhelmed.  What have we done!? Could a family of three really accumulate this much stuff?  Really!!!!  How did we live like this? We were consumed by consumerism.  We bought into it wholeheartedly and we just bought because we could,  We are a successful couple and we made a lot of money and we are still fairly youngish and we just bought and accumulated things over the last 19 years.  Clothes, gadgets, clothes, more gadgets, shoes, purses, more clothes and more purses.  Now don’t get it twisted, this in no way means that I am giving up my Louis, Prada, Valentino, and my other favorite brands. That would be blasphemous! I am not a radical tree hugging hippie! I just want a smarter, simpler and more wholesome life for me and my family. I still want my luxuries and my tech right next to my farm to table, unprocessed and wholesome food and simpler much smaller footprint.  I want to go to the farm to pick up my fresh milk and eggs at the local farm wearing my Valentino sneakers and my LV purse.   What we need to do is be smart consumers. We don’t need all these clothes, we don’t need a big house, We don’t need 3 cars, and we certainly don’t need all this furniture.  Of course I do need my shoes and my purses. You can never have enough shoes and purses and yes, I NEED my shoe and purse collections.  I even have a display case for them in our bedroom.  It is my sanctuary and I refuse to give it up. Is this something I can compromise on? Never!

So back to this decluttering thing.  It is an incredibly daunting task when you were really good at consumerism.  If you think about it, we have become a society of hoarders.  Why do you think we have a self storage on every corner? Consumption has become an addiction like Alcohol and now that we are ready to fight this addiction, we are confronted by the sheer volume of our past accumulations. Our woes have just begun and our 12 step program to free us from this consumption nightmare is off to a rocky and daunting start.  We are drowning and it is going to be a long and arduous journey to just declutter our lives.  We need a sponsor!

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