I want OUT!

So it has been ages since I have been present in any way. The last two years were emotionally and mentally exhausting. It is really weird, but I regressed on the living clean front, but made a great deal of progress on the fitness front.  Is that even possible?  My family and I are way more active. I work out and eat better, but I have slacked on the true living unprocessed part. I guess I do still source my food for the most part, but I have come to rely heavily on our small coop store and Wholefoods.  So is that really regressing? But that is a discussion for another time.

Considering all the family turmoil that we have had in the past couple of years, I think our family came out of it stronger and even more determined to create real change in our lives.  Not just food, but EVERY THING!  We want OUT!!!!!  We want out of this mass produced world that we live in.  We want out of the hamster wheel that this world has become.  We want to take back our lives.  I laugh when I hear some people blabber about how they want their America back.  We want our life back!  I want to take back my life from the American dream!  I want to create my own American dream.  My own American dream devoid of processed foods, loans, mortgages, interest rates, debt, consumerism, …… The list is very long.  I want to make my own wholesome and simple American dream.  Is that terrible to want?  Is it unpatriotic to not want this illusion that they package as the American Dream?

I think not! So as my family and I embark on our journey to achieve OUR own American Dream, we must first get rid of clutter. Oh! Were you waiting for something more profound?  I know, but after much thought, we realized that to start on this road of freeing ourselves and taking back our lives we must first get rid of the clutter! So let the decluttering begin!


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